June 29, 2017
School Teacher Turns Classroom Into Kanye West Shrine, Angers Parents

One elementary teacher, who claimed he wanted to make schooling exciting, is now facing complaints from parents after they discovered he had decorated the classroom with a Kanye West theme.

Adrian Perez, the self professed West fan is a teacher in McCabe Elementary School in Mendoza California, and he believes his idea is "innovative."

"I'm the biggest Kanye West fan!" Perez told Team Kanye Daily explaining why he decorated the classroom like that.

The school teacher said he was inspired by the rapper, "I felt my idea was innovative. I am sure no other elementary school teacher out there has a Kanye West themed classroom … I am proud that I was able to create a one of a kind classroom. Kanye has inspired me, and the result is my classroom. I want to be the Kanye West of teaching."

He used West song titles and lyrics for his activity walls. The front door welcomes the pupils with "Welcome to the Good Life." Markers and folders are themed "Yeezus." Chairs and pencil boxes were all red as a reference to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Perez used "I'm Amazing" to honor the student of the month. The section "Story of a Champion" will exhibit the students' creative writing assignments.

"What did I Learn All Day, All Day" is where the students post what they learned that day before they head home.

On the "It's Celebration" corner, the student's birthdays are displayed. The calendar shows one photo of the rapper for each month.

Perez said he aspires to be "the Kanye West of teaching" and he wants to be a "positive influence" to his students. Moreover, he sees West as one of the "most influential people in the world" and the "best at what he does."

"I never want my students to be discouraged and push them to approach learning with confidence," Perez who wanted to create an inspiring classroom told Good Morning America.

Meanwhile, Team Kanye Daily confirmed in a tweet that the "administration at the school has stripped all the Kanye-related items in Mr. Perez's classroom." Apparently, parents were not very happy with the teacher's idea. According to Team Kanye Daily, the school got "bad emails and phone calls."

Perez was saddened by the news; nevertheless he appreciates all the support he got.

[Image via YouTube]