Ted Bundy: Sheriff Who Helped Convict The Infamous Serial Killer Shares Chilling Details

It’s been 26 years since Ted Bundy was put to death for the murders of at least 30 women. Yet, Ken Katsaris, the sheriff who investigated many of the murders and eventually helped to convict Bundy, still remembers the chilling details as if they happened yesterday.

People reports that Katsaris recently opened up about Bundy on an upcoming episode of the Murder Made Me Famous docuseries. Katsaris shared the grizzly details surrounding Bundy’s investigation and eventual arrest, conviction, and execution. Katsaris recalled finding a key piece of evidence in the Bundy investigation: bite marks on a victim’s body.

“When I was at the morgue and reviewed the bodies, I realized we had a bite mark. I proceeded to get with the medical staff and try to preserve those as best we could after taking photographs with a ruler. The bite marks became the centerpiece of that investigation. Certainly, they were very important.”

Years later, Katsaris still remembers Bundy’s “signature mark” of biting his victims.

“He used his teeth on two of the young ladies. It’s as if he was definitely signing his signature.”


After assaulting and murdering numerous young women across many states, Bundy was captured in Pensacola, Florida during a traffic stop while trying to flee to Tallahassee. Pensacola officer David Lee arrested Bundy during the traffic stop and found several ID photos that belonged to three female Florida State University students. Subsequently, Bundy faced his murder and assault trial in Florida, a state that honors execution of convicted murderers.

Katsaris played an integral part in the arrest and conviction of Bundy, and ultimately the execution of the serial killer. In 2005, Katsaris recalled one of first meetings with Bundy and how the notorious murderer came to grips with his fate.

“Stepping off the elevator, then having this kind of initial confrontation with him, where he, I think for the first time in his life, came to grips with the fact that he may not be a free man again if we get the evidence on him. He did tell me that was all I was going to get was an indictment, but later I reminded him as well, ‘you thought that was all I was going to get, and I got more,’ and that was when he was going to be executed.”

For more details on the Ted Bundy conviction, including re-enactments, interviews, and newly-released photographs, check out the latest episode of Murder Made Me Famous, airing on the Reelz Channel, on Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.

[Photos Courtesy of the State Archives of Florida & Salt Lake City Sheriff’s Office]