Vicki Gunvalson Says She Just Wants Briana Happy But Meghan Edmonds Thinks Vicki’s Trying To Control And Bribe Her

Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County focused on Vicki Gunvalson’s reunion with her daughter and her family in Ohio. Like so many other times during the show, some of the scenes between Vicki and Briana were full of drama due to Briana’s dislike of Vicki’s on-and-off boyfriend, Brooks Ayers.

Early in the episode, Vicki surprised Briana with a car. Briana, instead of being overjoyed, seemed embarrassed and anxious over the big gift. Later, Briana told Vicki that she would be taking her family to stay in a hotel instead of staying with Vicki when visiting Orange County. Vicki told Briana that she would do no such thing. When Briana explained she didn’t want her family to stay with Vicki because Brooks was living there, Vicki blew up and demanded the cameras stop rolling. She pulled Briana behind closed doors, where they continued to argue about Brooks and the suggested hotel stay. Since their mics were left on, viewers heard some of their conversation.

Not surprisingly, Vicki Gunvalson’s enemy in this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan King Edmonds, criticized Vicki in her blog post covering the latest episode. Meghan wrote that Vicki tries to control the negativity in her life by overcompensating with things such as a new car or an invitation to stay at her home. Meghan implied that Vicki tries to bribe and control Briana with such gifts and offers.

“Wow. The end of this episode dropped a bomb on me. I had never seen Briana on a full episode of RHOC until this one and I have to say – I love her. She seems so real and down to earth. But when Vicki was speaking to Briana at the end of the episode something stuck out to me: when Vicki said, ‘Say thank you!’ to Briana. I am beginning to see a pattern; Vicki attempts to control negativity (or perceived negativity) in her life by overcompensating with ‘positives’ she can control, such as a new car or invitation to stay at her home. Therefore she becomes a victim when a sore subject arises because she deflects to all the positive she has done.”

Meghan King Edmonds likely latched on to Briana’s admission during her tense argument with Vicki that she feels the car was bought to silence her in regard to Brooks Ayers and that Vicki doesn’t want her family staying in a hotel simply because it would make her and Brooks look bad.

“Why do you have to storm out and act all crazy? And the car thing worries me, like are you doing this to silence me?…I’m just saying, to cover my own a** because you rather have me look bad than him, I’m just saying I’m willing to stay in a hotel.”

Vicki countered that statement by saying she gave the car to Briana, who has two young children and is working two jobs while her husband is injured, to make her life easier.

“No, because I’m trying to make your life easier.”

Vicki Gunvalson maintains that, unlike what Meghan King Edmonds believes, she’s generous with Briana simply out of love. In response to a The Real Housewives of Orange County viewer who seemingly criticized her relationship with Briana, Vicki tweeted that she loves her family more than anything and that she just wants Briana happy.

[Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]