‘Fear The Walking Dead’: What Kim Dickens Thought Of The Very First Zombie Kill

Just when fans were just starting to warm to AMC’s latest zombie series, Fear The Walking Dead, they went and put the show on hiatus for a week thanks to it being the Labor Day weekend. They did, however, fill the void left in their programming by replaying the first two episodes, which reminded fans about the very first zombie kill by a major character. But what did the actor who played that character think?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. If you have not watched all available episodes so far, please proceed with caution.

While Episode 1 of Fear The Walking Dead saw Nick (played by Frank Dillane) run over his zombie drug dealer, he didn’t actually kill him. However, Episode 2 (entitled “So Close, Yet So Far”) saw Madison (Kim Dickens) kill her boss and the principal of the school her daughter attended, Art Costa (Scott Lawrence). The deed was done with a fire extinguisher, but, as she told MTV, Madison is ill-equipped for the zombie apocalypse, so don’t expect the fire extinguisher to become her weapon of choice in Fear The Walking Dead. “[Madison is] an ill-prepared character for weaponry, and the apocalypse,” Dickens explained. “She made a quick decision.” She was impressed with her character’s first zombie kill though.

“I loved the way it happened. I loved going back into the school for the reasons that I did, for a zombie that I have to sort of fight off. I think it’s a shocker who it ends up being.”

As the stars of Fear The Walking Dead have said in the past, these new set of characters are not at all prepared for the zombie apocalypse. There are no survivalists (other than Tobias, who is only slated to appear in two episodes of Fear The Walking Dead so far) or law enforcement characters, although they do have a semi-medical professional in their group; Travis’ (Cliff Curtis) ex-wife, Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez), is a nursing student, so she will at least be able to patch up minor wounds as we potentially saw in one of the Episode 3 (entitled “The Dog”) trailer videos.

Kim Dickens told IOL recently that the characters in Fear The Walking Dead were supposed to remind the audience of themselves during the zombie apocalypse. That is why there are no characters designed specifically with doomsday prepper-type skills.

“I didn’t have to do any sort of complex training for this role. The thing is, we approached it as a normal person would. These characters are normal people and not law enforcement officials, or the sort of people who are skilled in any weaponry.”

Fear The Walking Dead will return for Episode 3 on AMC this Sunday, September 13, 2015.

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[Image credit: AMC]