‘Paint With Donald Trump’ Goes Viral — Deal With It

The website called Paint With Donald Trump went pretty viral on Thursday, September 10. First up, the paintwithdonaldtrump.com website and its “Deal with it” tagline are being reported as one of the hottest URLs on the Alexa.com “What’s Hot” list, a web-tracking list from Amazon. Among the websites that prove lots of people are watching NFL as of this writing appears the quirky website that allows people to choose from a variety of images of Trump to use as their paint, making all sorts of creations with the faces of Donald.

As such, people are taking to Twitter to reveal their “paint with Donald Trump” creations. Some standouts that appear thus far are of a bunch of Trump faces that spells out “If you’re reading this, it’s too late,” which is the name of Drake’s latest musical offering.


Other NSFW Trump paintings appear, such as the painting of a whole bunch of Donald faces that have been painted to represent a phallic symbol. And that’s not the only NSFW painting with “The Donald’s” face that has shown up on Twitter. Other paintings get more explicit and graphic, all formed from the various paintings of Trump’s faces.

The painting website allows folks to choose from eight different faces of Trump to make their masterpiece, and allows people to select the brush sizes they’d like to use. When done, the person can clear or save their painting, which is then automatically sent to an Imgur URL, and can be shared via social media websites.

As far as who’s behind the paintwithdonaldtrump.com website, Who.is reports that a private registrant created the website that was registered with Dreamhost. Whoever created the website, they’ve got a semi-addictive hit on their hands, with folks sharing their favorite paintings. There’s a painting of Trump painted entirely from portraits of Donald, reports the Verge,‎ noting how Donald is everywhere on that website, full of funny Trump faces.

On a day filled with news about Trump criticizing Carly Fiorina’s face in a Rolling Stone interview that sent searches for Carly’s name going well over 100,000 searches — as reported by Google Trends — it seems fitting that an online tool helping others use Trump’s face to make crazy paintings should end the day.

The website itself was registered on July 27, but apparently it has just gone viral nearly two months later, with new quips from “The Donald” making Trump a constant presence in the news.

[Image via Paintwithdonaldtrump.com]