Are Nicki Minaj & Serena Williams Beefing Over Drake?

When will folks learn that it’s a bad idea to get on the wrong side of Nicki Minaj? Serena Williams seems to be the latest target of the diva’s ire, but at least Minaj hasn’t called out the tennis champ on live television like she did with Miley Cyrus. Well — not yet, anyway.

Celebrity news repository Hollywood Life quotes an unnamed source as claiming that Minaj is torqueds over recent photos showing her ex beau Drake cavorting with Serena Williams. International Business Times, which apparently dishes about the love lives of celebrities when they’re not covering the ups and downs of global capitalism, noted that a video recently surfaced of Serena and Drake kissing after a romantic outing. TMZ and other outlets have also posted salacious pics of the couple from a previous rendezvous.

For her part, Nicki Minaj has reportedly confided to her inner circle that she wants Drake to remember that they had something special.

“Nicki’s not one to throw shade, but she sees Drake out there, flirting with Serena,” the source told Hollywood Life. “Nicki thinks it’s cute. It’s about time a woman gave him a chance. But Serena should know that the only reason Drake’s with her is because he can’t have Nicki. Nicki’s just calling it like it is.”

Hollywood Life‘s insider also told the site that Drake’s attraction to the star athlete is just his way of settling for someone who is second best to Nicki Minaj. Serena Williams apparently does not measure up to Nicki when it comes to one decidedly crucial detail.

“Drake likes strong, powerful and intelligent women, who are thick with a big bubble butt,” says Hollywood Life‘s informant. “And since he can’t have the body goddess, Queen Nicki herself, he’s going after the next best thing. Everybody knows Nicki’s body is the best in the business. Her butt has it’s [sic] own zip code. And those curves and thighs on her have hypnotized men all over the world. No shade to Drake and his new girl though. Nicki just wants him to know she can’t be replaced.”

Maybe Nicki isn’t throwing shade this early in the game, but her clandestine crony’s musings reveal a mood that’s darker than a Stygian eclipse. With Drake apparently moving on from Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams might catch a bit of guff from the singer and her supporters, but the celebrated athlete has bigger fish to fry at the moment. With a win at the U.S. Open, Williams will join an elite group of tennis pros who have accomplished a “calendar Grand Slam” of tournament wins. For all of her much-touted womanly assets, that’s one accomplishment that Nicki Minaj can’t claim for herself.

[Images via Theo Wargo/Clive Brunskill for Getty Images]