Juelia Kinney Reminisces About 'Bachelor In Paradise,' Says Mikey Tenerelli Is Amazing

Despite experiencing repeated rejection and not finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, Juelia Kinney still had a good time on the show, especially thanks to the other women on the show. On Thursday, Juelia posted a throwback photo that shows her hanging out with some of her female co-stars while on the show's set in Mexico.

Juelia wrote that the photo, which shows her sitting at a table with Jade Roper, Ashley Iaconetti, Amber James, Tenley Molzahn, and Carly Waddell, was taken late in the night/early in the morning after a very long rose ceremony.


In response to Juelia's photo, Tenley said that she misses those moments with the group.

"Do I dare say I kind of miss these moments?? Haha! Not the late nights, but these moments with each of you!"
Juelia responded that she misses those moments too, even if they were tiring for her.
"I do too!!!! As tiring as they were!"
Juelia also revealed that the rose ceremonies sometimes lasted a few hours, which was especially unpleasant for the women.
"Sometimes a few hours!!! Very long when you're standing in one spot in heels."
On part 1 of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale that aired on Sunday night, Mikey Tenerelli broke things off with Juelia Kinney. Earlier in the show, Mikey was sent home after his love interest, Clare Crawley, didn't give him a rose. A short time later, when Juelia's relationship with Joe Bailey ended after she realized that he was just using her to stick around until Samantha Steffen arrived, Juelia asked host Chris Harrison if there was any way Mikey could be brought back. To her delight, Mikey arrived back in paradise, and they went on a fun date together.

Unfortunately for Juelia, Mikey later realized that a relationship with her outside of the show wouldn't work. On part 1 of the season finale, Mikey admitted that he thought of Jeulia more as a friend.

"I came back here for you. You know that. And I really, really wanted to see where we could go. I think the world of you. I think that you're the sweetest, nicest person and I mean that genuinely. There is not a mean bone in your body. It's refreshing to be able to know someone like you...There's been times where, because you're such an awesome person, that I've been almost forcing it."
Juelia broke down crying and then left the show.
"I was finally feeling something and it lasted for like, a day. I just want somebody to really fight for me and I'm willing to wait until that happens."
Yet Mikey remained. At the rose ceremony, Mikey made a last-ditch effort to stay on the show. He offered his rose to Mackenzie Deonigi, who promptly refused. After that refusal, Mikey finally left the show. Mikey admitted via Twitter that he embarrassed himself.
He also, via an Instagram post, talked about what a great person Juelia is and that he'll always have her back.
"As everyone has seen@jueliakinney and I have both decided that a friendship is our best path. Juelia is a beautiful person inside and out, and I'll have her back for life!!"
Despite being rejected by Mikey, Juelia still thinks highly of him. She tweeted that he's amazing.
While Juelia Kinney thinks that Mikey Tenerelli is an amazing man, the same can't be said for her previous Bachelor in Paradise love interest, Joe Bailey. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Juelia recently said during an interview that Joe really is a bad person, despite him blaming editing for his bad guy image.

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