Jeff Dunham Talks Caitlyn Jenner: Comedian Was Blindsided By His Friend's Transition

Jeff Dunham was really good friends with Bruce Jenner, but has he stayed friends with Caitlyn Jenner?

According to TMZ, the comedian says that he was completely blindsided when he learned that his pal had planned on transitioning into a woman. Although Jeff says that he was aware of a couple of surgeries here and there, he says that he never actually realized that Bruce wanted to change genders.

"I had no clue at all. I mean, there were the surgeries every now and then, but what are you gonna do, ask a guy, why'd you get your whatever worked on? I'm not going to say anything. That's not a guy conversation. So, [I] saw the surgeries a little bit here and there, didn't think much about it, but all the tabloid stuff started coming out, and it finally came to a head. It was about three or four months before the Diane Sawyer interview where one of those magazines [came] out. One of my daughters texted it to me. She saw it in the airport. It was the one with Bruce, and they put his face and makeup on it, on a woman's body. And I finally got so upset because I had defended Bruce on stage, I had defended him on Facebook, saying he's the greatest guy on the planet..."
Jeff Dunham says that he called Caitlyn on the phone and confronted her about the latest batch of rumors.
"I called Bruce, and I said 'Bruce, you were the world's greatest athlete. You are a super hero to this country. I mean this stupid Kardashian show has torn you apart, and made you look like a buffoon, and you are not that guy... You gotta get behind this, hire the biggest lawyer in LA and stop these tabloids.' And then there was this big silence on the phone..."
Jeff Dunham said that it was that phone conversation (mentioned above) when he realized that the rumors about Bruce Jenner wanting to be a woman had been true all along.

It was then that Caitlyn decided to come clean about what she had been going through, telling one of her closest friends that it was time for them to talk. Jeff says that Caitlyn (then Bruce) sat down with him and his wife and told them both the whole story. Jeff says that he completely supports Caitlyn, and that he's looking forward to continuing their friendship. He says that their busy schedules have kept them from getting together, but that he and Caitlyn have been trying to figure out a time to go out to dinner.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment]