Why ‘Ladies Of London’ Noelle Reno Didn’t Return For Season 2

As many fans have noticed, the second season of Ladies of London lost two cast members from the first season. Noelle Reno went through some big changes after the first season ended, and according to her, she chose not to return, as her personal life was turned inside out after season 1.

Just months after the first season of Ladies of London aired, Reno’s fiancé, who was featured in the show more than any other significant other, jumped to his death from the top of their $4.7 million home, and was impaled on a railing below, according to the Inquisitr.


According to Bustle, Reno’s high-profile fiancé, Scot Young, died in December 2014 after falling four stories from the top of their Marylebone home. Following this tragedy, Reno decided to withdraw from public life for a while.

“I am distraught by the sudden loss of my best friend and ask that you give me the respect and privacy I need to grieve in peace,” Noelle told Hello! Daily News shortly after his death. A traumatic experience like this would make anyone feel the need to retreat from the world for a little while.”

Reno also took a break from social media, and went on her own Eat, Pray, Love-inspired journey across the next year, where she started meditating in a search for peace.


The Evening Standard reported that Young’s former wife, Michelle Young, said she and their two daughters have been to “hell and back” after their bitter divorce and Young’s plunge to his death.

“I am too upset to speak at the moment I just have to look after my children and make sure they are OK. It is a very difficult time for us all.”

The Guardian reported that even after the death inquest, the death of Scot Young could not be ruled a suicide, but that the circumstances were not suspicious, leaving the door open to the idea that it might have been accidental. Young had battled drug abuse and bipolar disorder, and had allegedly sent a text message to Reno before the fall.

“Now I’ve hit rock bottom as you will see! Loved you like no other. Love you always and forever.”


Whether Young’s death was a suicide or an accident, fans certainly understand why Reno would like to avoid the scrutiny that comes with reality television.

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