Cocaine Birthday Party Lined Up For Teen Daughter Takes Blow

A British mum, apparently hoping for a birthday blowout on the hip streets of London for her daughter’s 18th birthday, scored 5.65 grams of cocaine – also known as coke, blow, and nose candy – that came nicely assorted in 12 individual packages.

This cocaine birthday present, commandeered by the birthday girl’s mom, Nicola Austen, was purchased in an effort to make sure all the cocaine birthday party-goers “had a good time,” reports the Telegraph.

Unfortunately for Austen, 37, a party pooper in the form of a drug sniffing K9 police dog, sniffed out the cocaine when police visited her home, striking a mortal blow to the cocaine birthday bash before it ever began.

Ms. Austen had even secured a limousine in advance of her daughter’s 18th birthday cocaine celebration, but the unexpected police visit and nosy dog instead landed her in Maidstone Crown court, where Austen admitted to getting the cocaine for her daughter’s birthday.

Austen didn’t scrimp on the cocaine either, the white powdery drug in her possession reportedly having “87 percent purity.”

According to the Daily Mail, the cocaine sniffing canine cop found the drugs hidden in Austen’s three-bedroom home in the Tunbridge Wells neighborhood of Kent, England.

Fortunately for Austen, who is also a grandmother, the judge was relatively lenient when sentencing her for the cocaine crimes of posession and intent to distribute, issuing a nine-month suspended sentence, thereby avoiding an immediate trip to jail, and “250 hours (of) unpaid work.”

Austen’s claim that any intent to distribute the cocaine was to be strictly within her daughter’s birthday group, was one that the judge took into positive consideration and led to the lighter sentence.

At the same time, the English Judge, or Recorder, let Austen know that her cocaine crimes were quite serious, saying, “They (the cocaine packages) were to be consumed over the course of the weekend. Offences of this nature are to be taken seriously. The offence normally attracts a sentence of imprisonment of some length.”

But despite being let off pretty easy, Austen didn’t seem overly apologetic following her birthday cocaine sentencing, telling the Daily Mail from her pricey £300,000 home, “It’s all been blown out of proportion. I’ve had enough. It isn’t exactly the scoop of the century, is it? It was a party.”

This most recent cocaine run-in with police isn’t Austen’s first foray into the legal system, the grandmother and mother of three being the subject of six past convictions, one of those for amphetamine possession.

In fact, Austen reportedly showed up in the court room with her bags packed and ready for jail.

But apparently in the judge’s opinion, Austen’s cocaine crimes were outweighed by the adverse effect her incarceration would have on her children, as well as the fact that she also takes care of her grandma.

According to Austen’s neighbors, the cocaine bust wasn’t the first time that her home, which she shares with her husband, had been raided, and likely why police showed up with the cocaine sniffing dog in the first place.

“We saw the raid in January,” one neighbor shared. “There was a great big wagon and lots of police there. It was not nice.”

With that in mind, Austen may have learned her lesson, and leave any cocaine birthday parties for someone else to plan.

[Image by Henry Guttmann, Getty Images]