Juliette Grimes’ Arcade Game Rescue Goes Viral: Six-Year-Old Gets Stuck After ‘Double Dog Dare’

Juliette Grimes’ arcade game rescue is going viral today after the Frisco Fire Department had to be called in order to free the child after she became stuck inside a “claw” arcade machine game, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports. The incident started after a “double dog dare” from Juliette’s 8-year-old sister, Kathy. To those unfamiliar as to what a “double dog dare” is, Urban Dictionary gave the following definition for the term.

“After a dare has been made and the daree has refused, the darer can then raise the stakes by double dog daring the daree, meaning that if the dare is carried out by the daree then the darer will also perform the task.”

Juliette came up with the brilliant idea to enter the arcade game and somehow managed to make her way up the shoot where the prizes fall out. The little girl realized she was trapped inside the machine when the flap of the door closed behind her.

“Cause I wanted to get my sister a ball,” six-year-old Juliette Grimes explained to the local news station, in response to being asked why she entered the machine. “I opened the door, and I had my legs out so I opened the door, then put my whole body in there… and I got balls, but I couldn’t get out.”

Little Juliette explained that she could not resist the challenge that was made by her older sister and ended up trapped inside the machine while trying to get a toy. The Daily Mail reports that Juliette had been playing with her older sister in a pizzeria in Frisco, Texas, and the two girls had been under the supervision of their parents at time, but it only took mere seconds for her to get stuck. When their parents realized what had happened, they called firefighters who managed to rescue her without injury.

“If there’s a boundary, they’re meant for other kids,” said Juliette’s mother, Cecilia Green. “Not for her… anything and everything is a challenge.”I don’t think she’s going to do it again. Hopefully, at least, another few years, at least.”

There have been several reported instances of small children becoming trapped inside an arcade game. In April of this year, four-year-old Henry Howes got stuck inside an arcade claw machine after climbing in when he failed to win a teddy bear, Mirror reports. Unlike the aforementioned incident, emergency personnel did not have to be called and the boy was freed by staff members who had a key to the machine.

[Image via YouTube screenshot]