Being Curvy Isn't Bad, But Being a Hypocrite Is: Shame on Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love Hewitt took to her blog in 2007 to tout the "don't be a size 2-- be a size YOU" thing, which was right after she was caught on the beach flaunting her new engagement ring and a few extra pounds. As soon as the blogs started criticizing her weight, she got defensive. And now?

Surprise, surprise: she's posing 18-pounds lighter on the cover of Us. What happened to "she has no plans to diet just to appear thinner"? 'Cause that what it looks like here.

Even though her trainer Stevie Sant'Angelo said that "With her, it's not, 'I want to look good in that dress,'" I beg to differ. I love confident celebs at any weight, but I hate liars (and their reps).