Cedar Point: Record-Breaking Roller Coaster Planned For Ohio Amusement Park

A new roller coaster is coming to Ohio. Cedar Point announced Wednesday that a dive roller coaster will debut at the Ohio amusement park on May 7.

The dive coaster, dubbed Valravn, is expected to break six world records, including tallest dive coaster, fastest dive coaster, and longest dive coaster. Valravn is expected to stand 223 feet tall, travel at speeds of up to 75 mph, and be 3,145 feet long. In addition, the Cedar Point roller coaster will have three inversions, with the tallest one at 165 feet.

According to Cleveland.com, a dive coaster is different from a roller coaster in that dive coasters have wider tracks with wider coaster cars. The cars on Cedar Point’s roller coaster Valravn are expected to have three rows with eight seats each.

Not only will Valravn be taller, faster, and longer than any other dive coaster in the world, but it also will have one of the steepest drops. The first hill is sure to shock roller coaster fans as it drops at a 90-degree angle. The 90-degree angle is also a required component of a dive coaster, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The newest Cedar Point roller coaster is said to be named after mythical Danish ravens that earned supernatural powers after picking apart the bodies of those who died on the battlefield. Talk about ominous!

This new @cedarpoint ride looks terrifying. #Valravn #CP2016http://t.co/HMdc6c687E pic.twitter.com/XEWL6xEv38

— Cleveland (@SunTimesCLE) September 10, 2015

Valravn is expected to overlook nearly all of Ohio’s Cedar Point, as it’s supposed to be built on the main drag of the amusement park. According to Cleveland.com,

“The dramatic first hill – where riders are held at the top, facing the ground, for several seconds before they drop straight down – will be easily viewable from a plaza near the park’s redesigned marina entrance.”

What do you think? Do you think Cedar Point’s roller coaster Valravn looks fun? Will you check it out?

To find out more about Cedar Point’s newest diver roller coaster in the video below:

[Photo courtesy of Cedar Point’s Instagram account: @cedarpoint]