‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 11 Eviction Plan In Place, Who Is Headed To The Jury?

It’s time for the Week 11 eviction on Big Brother 17. Spoilers indicate that the original plan for eviction has shifted and fans may well be shaking her heads on this one. What’s the latest scoop going into Thursday night’s show?

Viewers saw Wednesday night that Austin won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Steve decided to put an end to the twin twist as now both Liz and Julia are up for eviction. Early talk had indicated that Liz likely would be sent to the jury, but Big Brother spoilers reveal that the target has shifted.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Austin, Liz and Julia caught on to Vanessa’s manipulation and did a bit of manipulating of their own. By the time all was said and done, Vanessa was making deals and promises in exchange for her vote to keep Liz in the house over Julia.

Though it would surely be better for everybody other than Liz and Austin for Julia to stay, as Liz has been far more competitive, it looks like Julia will be evicted. As Big Brother Network details, the vote is expected to be unanimous to send Julia to the jury house.

The Week 12 Head of Household competition will play out Thursday night and this one is key. Vanessa has worked quite hard to control the BB17 game this season and she’s hitting the final stretch. However, now that Austin and Liz have figured out a bit about her game, she could be facing some trouble. When it comes to Johnny Mac and Steve, it seems they are just along for the ride at this point. However, that may well end up working for them.

As Online Big Brother shares, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that Steve has been focusing on hoping that the viewers don’t hate him while he and John often spend their time talking a lot about random, non-game topics. On the other hand, Austin has talked about how Vanessa has played an untouchable game and she may well win the whole thing if she gets to the final two.

At this point of the BB17 seasons, many fans don’t necessarily feel as if there are any players left to be really excited about given the group remaining. With so few people left, this core group will need to start turning on one another and fans are still hoping for a dramatic shake-up of some sort. Is it too late though?

Big Brother 17 spoilers certainly seem to indicate that Julia will head to the jury during Thursday’s show. Viewers will sure be curious to learn who wins Head of Household next and watch to see if it leads to any significant drama or shake-ups in the final days ahead.

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