Teen Attempts To Kick Dog As He Enters Internet Cafe, Karma Has Another Plan [Video]

A young man, presumably in his late teens, was recorded trying to kick a dog as he entered an internet cafe. Instead of harming the unsuspecting pooch, the man was dealt a hand by karma.

The video of the incident was posted on LiveLeak, quickly gaining over 250,000 views since it was posted. The internet cafe surveillance camera shows one boy sitting at a computer, minding his own business as a stray dog walks in, casually finding his way to a trash bin. Another young man enters from outside and attempts to kick the dog. The slippery floor quickly becomes his foe as his leg slips from from underneath him and he falls flat on his back.

The Huffington Post shared the video, zooming in on the moment the young man fell to the ground. He hit the floor hard as the dog realized he was not welcome and ran out the door. The boy, stunned by the incident, took a few moments to gather his composure before grabbing his back, showing that he hurt himself during the fall. The extent of his injuries are unknown, bit they seem to be bad enough that he probably felt them the next day.

Too often, videos such as the one above, end in tragedy as the animal is harmed and sometimes killed as a result of the abuse. In this case, Karma seemed to intervene and take control of the situation.

The circumstances surrounding the sneak attack are unknown. Many viewers of the video feel that the boy got what he deservered, while others, such as username NAP TP, hope he thinks about his actions and learns from them.

“I hope he thinks about what happened to him before he tries this again to any animal.”

Although the dog seems innocent in the video, casually walking through an open door for a potential bite to eat, his entry could be a commonplace nuisance. The young man that attempted to kick the dog could have known no other way to coerce the dog to leave. Kicking an animal is never the right decision, but without a background story, judgment should not be passed on either the dog or the young man.

What are your thoughts on the video, was the young man trying to scare the dog away, or was he attempting to kick the dog?

[Photo Courtesy Phillipines Daily/Screen Capture]