‘Empire’ Season 2: Vivica A. Fox Signs On As Cookie’s Sister

As we close in on the premiere for the second season of Empire, we’ve been promised a deeper look into the characters pasts, such as fan favorite Cookie (Tarai P. Henson). It sounds like the writers over at the Fox hit show were serious about the direction they want to take Season 2 in, because Cookie’s sister is being brought on board.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cookie’s sister will be played by Vivica A Fox. As of right now, we don’t know the extent of the role Cookie’s sister will play in the series, but we can guess that she might lead an interesting look into Cookie’s past.

Executive producer Ilene Chaiken told Entertainment Weekly of Cookie’s extended family members. “Cookie’s other family members are troublesome to say the least.” We guess that means that Vivica A. Fox’s character isn’t that close with her dynamic sister.

It’s not a surprise that there would be emphasis built on Cookie. Empire’s co-creator Lee Daniels said that he is interested in having a spin-off show for Cookie, which will most likely focus on her earlier years in the music business. If they’re already testing out the waters with Cookie’s sister, who knows what else they’re willing to explore.

As for the rest of Season 2, even though Jamal technically has the power over his father’s empire, that doesn’t mean there’s not a power struggle like there was in Season 1. It seems like the dynamic has shifted, but there’s still a hunger to take over Lucious’ empire.

As the Inquisitr reported, Lucious’ oldest son Andre, his estranged ex Cookie, and ex Anika are going to want to take over the empire that Lucious left to Jamal. According to spoilers, Cookie thinks that they can and will take away the empire now that Lucious is in jail.

The first episode of the season will see Anika taking center stage. Last time we saw Anika aka Boo Boo Kitty, she was hooking up with her ex’s youngest son Hakeem. In the season premiere she’ll be causing new problems. As far as Jamal, he will also go through a lot of changes, and it’s said that not all of those changes are positive. It sounds like maybe Jamal is getting a little power hungry?

Either way we’ll have to wait to see what happens. Empire Season 2 will premiere on September 23 on Fox. As for Vivica A. Fox it’s unknown when she will come into the season, but we’re certainly excited to see her potentially bring the drama.

[Photo by FOX]