WWE News: WWE Legend Criticizes Seth Rollins, Calls Him Overexposed

Seth Rollins has been the WWE world heavyweight champion for nearly six months now, and he’s widely considered as the best wrestler in the company. It’s obvious that WWE has a lot of faith in Rollins, and he is the best heel in the company by a country mile. But, there is a common belief that WWE may be hurting Rollins by overexposing him.

Rollins was a huge part of this past Monday’s RAW, having to wrestle two matches, being featured in various backstage segments, and having to open the show with the standard 15-minute promo. However, the opening promo wasn’t the best thing in the world, as the live crowd began chanting “BORING!” two different times during the segment.

Also, this week’s RAW ratings were abysmal. Some pointed to the fact that there was too much Seth Rollins on the show, which may have caused viewers to check out.

Following RAW, former WWE play-by-play guy and WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross went on Twitter and admitted that he’s a huge fan of Rollins’ work, but, he agreed with the idea that WWE is overexposing the WWE world heavyweight champ.


How Rollins ends up retaining his championship in most of his matches hasn’t really been criticized, because he’s retaining his title the way a heel is supposed to. But, he has been criticized for being a boring promo, and WWE management has been criticized for having him stand in the ring for 15 minutes and talk when he doesn’t have anything important to say.

It does seem like WWE is pushing Rollins the exact same way they pushed Triple H 15 years ago, which does make sense because, in the storyline, Rollins is being presented as the new Triple H. Although Triple H ended up being a big star in the long run, most would agree that his 20-minute promos in the late-90’s and early-2000’s were too much, and that he (just like Rollins) was overexposed.

Seth Rollins is now set to have two matches at next Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, as he’ll be defending the United States championship against John Cena, and the WWE world heavyweight championship against Sting. So, the overexposure will continue at the pay-per-view, but it could end there, as Rollins may end up losing one, or both, titles.

[Image courtesy of WWE]