Did Ronda Rousey Reveal She Possibly Juices With Steroids By Bashing Cris Cyborg?

If one were to ask who best represents MMA or UFC today, most fans would probably default to Ronda Rousey. With an undefeated record of 12-0-0 as the first, and only, UFC women’s bantamweight champion, she is sure to be written in the sport’s history books. Outside of MMA, she is often admired for her frankness as an anti-heroine, best fortified by her “femininely bada**” movement. She takes pride in not being a “do nothing b***h.” Even Beyoncé admires her.

However, this year, Ronda Rousey has been caught in the line of fire from critics who say her frankness does not equate to sincerity. One example is her reported relationship with Travis Browne. Besides the fact Rousey is reportedly dating a man who is married, Browne was also accused of domestic abuse. Such is peculiar, since Rousey has previously egged Floyd Mayweather for his alleged domestic abuse.

Is there anything else Ronda Rousey is adamant about pushing to the public that may not ring true in her own life? Let’s revisit the way she constantly badgered Cristiane Justino (better known as Cris Cyborg), who allegedly tested positive for steroid use. Could Rousey herself be juicing? Is she utilizing Cyborg’s failed drug tests as a means to keep eyes off her? It is a possibility, especially after analyzing her interview with Fight Hub.

Did you catch the “red flags” in that interview? If not, there are two. The first is Ronda Rousey’s highly-detailed knowledge of the synthetic anabolic steroid, stanazolol, better known as Winstrol. What is unique about Winstrol is that it provides similar effects of other steroids without adding bulk. This makes Winstrol popular among female athletes. Also, Rousey seems to know other specific details, including the price for Winstrol. After she lets that information slip, she suddenly shifts the direction of her interview.

However, the biggest “red flag” is a particular part of the interview when Ronda Rousey details how she’s been tested numerous times for competitions since she was 14-years-old.

“I’ve been being drug tested since I was 14 years old. I’ve been drug tested hundreds of times and never been caught for anything.”

It is quite plausible Ronda Rousey has performed a Freudian Slip, or exposing something one does by denying it. In Rousey’s case, the fact she say she’s never been caught for anything in the hundreds of times she’s tested is a curious statement. Shouldn’t she have said she’s never tested positive because she doesn’t take anything? By saying she’s “never been caught,” she’s insinuating that she knows how to juice and not get caught.

It is possible for athletes to do dope and not get caught for the longest time. The best example of this scenario is Lance Armstrong. For years, he was thought to be a clean athlete but during the latter part of his career, it was made known he’d been doping, something he admitted to during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, as reported by Huffington Post.

Even with the aforementioned analysis, it is all conjecture at this point. There is no solid proof or confession that Ronda Rousey juices with steroids. If she is found to be juicing, it shouldn’t be a surprise. UFC commentator Joe Rogan has said the sport of MMA is going through a “steroid epidemic.”

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]