‘Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition’: Ubisoft Is Betting On Subscription Service Being The Future Of Their Dance Franchise

Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition out in October

Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition was just announced by Ubisoft. Just Dance has been one of the staple franchises for the French-based game developer for years. As with most franchises, year-after-year ports can begin to feel stale to consumers. Ubisoft is hoping that the new Gold Edition of Just Dance 2016 will go a long way to solve the problem.

Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition comes out on October 20. This edition of the popular dance party game comes with all of the tracks from the stanard Just Dance 2016, but it will add a three-month subscription to the new Just Dance Unlimited service. UbiSoft issued a press release indicating what to expect from Just Dance Unlimited. Various news outlets picked it up including Nintendo Everything.

“First introduced at E3 2015, Just Dance Unlimited is a new subscription streaming service available for new-gen motion-control gaming platforms, including Nintendo’s Wii U system, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system. The service will be available to Just Dance 2016 players worldwide and provides a rich library of tracks from previous Just Dance games, most of which will be playable on new-gen for the first time. Through Just Dance Unlimited, players will be able to enjoy more than 150 top songs from previous games in addition to exclusive new hits added throughout the year.”

“Along with the smartphone Controller App innovation available this year for Just Dance 2016, all Just Dance Unlimited songs can be played using a smartphone (iOS or Android device with free Just Dance Controller App required, along with a compatible Wii U).”

A question on a lot of gamers minds will be what does the service cost. The service will come with three different tiers of pricing. The one month service costs $6.99. The three-month subscription that comes with the Gold Edition runs $14.99. If you want a full year subscription to Just Dance Unlimited, it will set you back $39.99. This is very similar to the pricing from other subscription services like XBOX Live and PlayStation Plus.

The Just Dance franchise has enjoyed very little competition for consumers’ dollars in the music gaming category. However, that is about to change as Activision’s Guitar Hero Live and Harmonix’s Rock Band 4 will be hitting store shelves this holiday season. This is most likely an attempt for Ubisoft to try to stay ahead of those two returning franchises.

What do you think of the Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition? Is it worth the price of $59.99 to gain access to the three months of Just Dance Unlimited, or do you think the subscription service is too expensive to mess with?

[Photo by Ubisoft]