Walking Dead: Three Series Regulars Added To Main Cast

As the newest season of AMC’s The Walking Dead approaches, three new regular cast members have been announced, each promoted from their supporting roles.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the three new regulars, each promoted from supporting roles to regular spots within the group. The individuals that will be joining the group are Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh), Jessie Anderson (Alexandra Breckenridge), and Spencer Monroe (Austin Nichols). Since only three of the Alexandria residents have been promoted, there is much speculation regarding what is going to happen this season that might prevent the other community members from joining the team.

With the three new members added, the core group now consists of 18 people, if you include Father Gabriel as a permanent member of the team, as well as Aaron and Morgan. Although, as with any Walking Dead season, anyone could lose their status and be killed off of the show.

Den of Geek shared some insight that was revealed in the newly released images, which seems to highlight a rivalry between Rick and Morgan. However, as fans are aware, guessing based on the previews and photos is not always accurate. The marketing team at The Walking Dead is full of masters of redirect, creating many illusions that turn into something completely different. For example, many thought the opening teaser to season five revealed the characters burying and grieving Beth, only to find out that wasn’t the case.

It is no surprise that Deanna and Jessie are joining the cast full time, but some are wondering why Spencer is joining, especially after his rivalry with Glenn. However, there is the possibility that he could find himself on the opposite side of the group.

As fans become anxious about Season 6, some have voiced their mixed emotions about Carl (Chandler Riggs) and his continued inclusion in the show. Some would prefer to see him become the victim of a walker. However, during a recent interview, it seems he will be around for at least some of this season. Chandler and Norman were on a panel at Fan Expo Canada and it was revealed that Carl might have a moment that brings him back into the show’s limelight again. Lennie James spoke to it as he explained his favorite moment of the show.

“My favorite line isn’t actually one of my favorite lines, it’s a line that Chandler says in the new season. And it is utterly and completely brilliant…(brief pause to allow fans’ cheering)…It is probably the best line ever!”

What are your thoughts on the three new permanent cast members? Is there anyone else you’d like to have seen added?

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