Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Cast Dennis Haysbert In Syfy Pilot ‘Incorporated’

More casting news has come to light concerning Syfy’s upcoming spy thriller, Incorporated. According to The Wrap, executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have recently cast Dennis Haysbert to play a part in the upcoming series.

Incorporated centers on the story of a young man named Ben Larson, who lives in a future world where large corporations are operating with absolute power and authority. The series follows Ben as he navigates through this world of corporate hegemony in order to save the life of a woman he loves. In order to do so, Ben must face difficult challenges and infiltrate deep inside the corrupt corporate world.

Haysbert will be playing to part of Julian, who is the top man in security at Ben’s company, SPIGA. Julian is a man to be feared and is notorious for being able to detect moles within his company. Haysbert is known for his time on the hit action drama 24, as well as his appearances in a number of hit films, including Major League, The Unit, Absolute Power, Jarhead, and Ted 2.

In addition to Haysbert, it has been announced that David Hewlett and Ian Tracey will be joining the show as well. Hewlett is set to play an upper level executive in the corporate world named Chad. Chad has reached his level of employment through the success of those who work underneath him, and is employed by the company Incorporated.

Meanwhile, Tracey is playing the role of Terrence, a crooked businesswoman and benefactor to the character played by Eddie Ramos. Not only is Terrence a powerful businesswoman, but she also stands in the way of Ben’s ideas for his own company, SPIGA.

Hewlett is known for his roles in Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Dark Matter, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. For her part, Tracey has appeared in Wayward Pines, Rogue, and Bates Motel.

The newly added cast members will be joining Sean Teale from Reign, Georgina Haig from Once Upon a Time, Ramos from Teen Wolf and Parenthood, and Julia Ormond from Mad Men.

Incorporated is written and created by David and Alex Pastor, who both worked on Selfless and The Last Days. The executive producer on the project, Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife), will be joined by producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Todd. The new series is part of Pearl Street Productions, CBS Television Studios, and Universal Cable Productions.

[Image Courtesy: Angela Weiss]