Elderly Woman Hugs Police Officer At Arvada, Colorado Police Department, Story Goes Viral

An elderly woman, concerned with all the recent police deaths, took it upon herself to visit the Arvada, Colorado Police Department to hug officers working there and now her story has gone viral.

In recent months, police anti-sentiments has been on the rise all across the country. An elderly resident of the Colorado town of Arvada decided to show some appreciation to the officers who keep her community safe, but couldn’t have imagined her actions would take the Internet by storm.

The Arvada Police Department posted the touching images of the elderly woman, captured by the dispatch center cameras, visiting the station on September 7 and thousands have shared it so far, praising the unidentified lady.

“What a wonderful day to be working!!”

“We had a lovely citizen come into our Lake Arbor station who was extremely upset about the recent loss of so many officers across the country. She came in to give a HUG to an officer. The lucky recipient was Officer Steiner. While a bit of a reach because of his size, she managed to get a hold of him and hugged him great; not once but twice!!!!”

“Man, we work in a great City!!!!”

elderly woman hug Arvada Colorado
Image via Arvada Police Department

Despite the recent animosity against police across the U.S., shooting deaths of officers are down 13 percent in 2015 compared to the same period last year and are, on average, reduced by half since the 1970s when an average of 62 officers were killed yearly, according to the Associated Press.

As far as the lucky recipient of the elderly woman’s hug, officer Chris Steiner, 20-year veteran of the department, told 7NEWS he truly appreciated the woman’s visit.

“It’s nice to be on the positive side of things. Sometimes you need to put something in the bank on that side after all we see on a daily basis. I go to almost every fatality that we have and every major crime that we have and it’s nice to get a hug as compared to looking over the trauma.”

The Arvada Police Department Facebook page is receiving a lot of support thank to the elderly woman and the hug seen all around the Internet. Users are obviously inspired by her actions.

“This is the most beautiful story I have heard and has just completely made my week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO Thank you to all officers everywhere but thanks for sharing this it’s so wonderful.”

In general, other residents are echoing the elderly woman by offering their support to the Arvada Police Department.

[Image via Facebook]