Steve Jobs Honored At Webby Awards

Steve Jobs was honored during Monday’s 16th annual Webby Awards by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, vice president Al Gore, U2 frontman Bono and more.

The awards ceremony, called the “Oscars of the online world” are intended to honor online excellence, like websites, interactive advertising, online film, mobile apps, and more, according to Fox News.

The awards were held in New York City, and Obama stated of the late Apple creator:

“…the truth is, when we talk about Steve Jobs, we only need one word: amazing.”

Apple Insider reports that Richard Dreyfuss, who voiced an iconic “Crazy ones” commercial, took jabs at both Google and Facebook, prior to announcing the video honoring Jobs. He stated:

“Before we talk about Steve, I just want to say: Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Brin [sic] have you thought of the words quid pro quo? If you’re going to take our privacy away from us, why don’t you tell us something private about yourselves. And if you’re going to change our world, why don’t you pay for it, because it’s theft.”

He went on to say, according to Fox News, that:

“[Steve Jobs] wanted to make one statement that defined his company, defined his goals, defined his source point — where he started from, how he caught and held the attention of a world drowning in loud hyperbolic fraud.”

The Webby Awards, known for their “five-word speech” format, boast the shortest thank yous of all awards ceremonies. Each person remembering Jobs was required to stick within this format, leaving Clinton, Bono, and Vice President Gore to say short, but to the point thank yous to the late Apple genius.

Fox News reports that Clinton thanked Jobs for, “For spreading American ingenuity worldwide.” Meanwhile, Bono thanked him, “For saving lives with (RED).” Gore was even more to the point, saying, “Steve Jobs was insanely great.”

Two films are currently in production to tell the story of Steve Jobs life.