Austin Swift: Taylor Swift Doesn’t Mind Giving The Spotlight Up To Her Brother

Austin Swift is no stranger to the spotlight. However, that spotlight has not been one that has shined on him. Austin has the pleasure or curse of being the little brother to the hottest superstar in all of entertainment. His sister is none other than Taylor Swift.

Austin first received a taste of the limelight last Christmas. Photos of Taylor made their way around the internet of her being seen coming out of a dinner date with what E! Online called a “Stone Cold Fox.” E! later dropped the bomb that the Fox in fact was Austin Swift, Taylor Swift’s younger brother.

Austin, 23 and recent graduate of Notre Dame, is back in the news. This time he is taking some of Taylor’s press away, and big sis couldn’t be happier than to give it to him. In fact, Taylor is the one who got the ball rolling via her Instagram.

“My brother @AustinKingsleySwift just acted in his first movie and I’m all proud and stuff.”

As it turns out. Austin Swift has landed a role in the upcoming film, I.T. The plot for the movie has been fairly hush hush. The only things known about it are provided by Deadline.

“A successful owner of a private jet business finds himself pitted against a disgruntled young I.T. consultant who begins stalking his daughter and using technology to threaten his family, business and life.”

Austin Swift will be keeping good company with the cast of I.T. including ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan. Other notables in the cast include Stefanie Scott (Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm) who will be playing Kimber in the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie. I.T. is directed by John Moore (A Good Day To Die Hard and Behind Enemy Lines), and it is written by Dan Kay (Timber Falls) and William Wisher Jr. (Terminator and T2: Judgement Day).

It is no secret about how close the Swift siblings are. They are often seen on the red carpet together as well as the after parties as in the case of last month’s MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift’s good friend Lorde mention in a tweet about the close bond Austin shared with his sister taylor.

“At the after party Austin leaned down from the banquette heaving with models in vip to whisper in taylor’s ear ‘we grew up on a FARM!!”

What do you think of Austin Swift? Taylor Swift isn’t afraid to stand by her brother. Do you think he has a chance to make it in Hollywood?

[Photo by Getty Images/Charley Gallay]