WWE News: Sting And Seth Rollins Not The Main Event Of Night Of Champions?

The WWE World Heavyweight championship is signified as the main event. Whoever holds that prestigious championship is the face of the company. Seth Rollins has held the WWE championship since WrestleMania 31, which makes him the man. Even though he gloats about being “the man” on television, Rollins is truly the man.

He’s defended that championship against Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, John Cena and Dean Ambrose. His newest opponent, Sting, will challenge for the prestigious belt at Night of Champions. That match is slated to be the biggest match of the night, but it may not be placed in the spotlight.

According to Ringside News and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Seth Rollins vs. Sting for the WWE championship may not close Night of Champions.

“There has been some speculation on which Seth Rollins’ match at Night of Champions will actually main event the show. While most would figure that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Sting would end the show, that doesn’t appear the be the case according to the Wrestling Observer.

They speculate that Rollins’ match against WWE Golden Boy John Cena will most likely close the show.”

With this newly-found speculation coming to light, Cena and Rollins closing the show makes sense. If Sting winning the strap is planned, his match would definitely be the main event of the show. However, there’s a 99 percent chance Sting won’t win the title from Rollins. In fact, Sting isn’t likely to appear on WWE TV immediately after Night of Champions. He should work WrestleMania 32, but he doesn’t need to show up until late-January or February.

In a new report by What Culture, there’s a rumor John Cena is slated to win back his United States championship at Night of Champions. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter states a big shipment of John Cena “U.S. Champion” shirts are getting ready to be delivered once again. Like it mentions in the report, why would they want more shirts if he’s not going to win the title back?

Cena is still the WWE’s number one guy, but Rollins is the WWE champion. If Cena is going to win a title, being the last challenger against the WWE champion is the proper way to go.

Why is the WWE going in this direction? Simple. They want the best match to close the pay-per-view show. Contrary to what fans on the Internet might think, WWE officials know what they are doing when it comes to marketing and promotions. Seth Rollins is scheduled for two matches that night, and one needs to take place at least an hour before the other. Should Cena and Rollins close the program? The answer will be clear on the Night of Champions.

[Image courtesy of WWE via youtube.com]