Missing Mom Mystery: Christine Rosie Found A Week Later — Survived Scorching Heat With No Water, Food

Missing Mom Christine Rosie

A mom of two missing for a week, 44-year-old Christine Rosie, was found Tuesday, September 8, under bizarre but miraculous circumstances, turning up just yards away from where her abandoned car was discovered with her purse inside on September 2.

But when the New Jersey woman was discovered, she was naked and severely dehydrated — apparently surviving for nearly seven full days in thick woods without food, water or shelter during a week when record temperatures scorched the northeast.

Now, police are trying to piece together what happened to Christine Rosie and where she was for that missing week when her family was left frantic. Still in serious condition at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton, Rosie has not yet been able to form coherent sentences, much less answer detectives’ questions about why she disappeared, what she was doing for a week — and how she survived the harrowing ordeal apparently without eating or drinking water.

“They don’t know how she’s still alive, and she has a strong will to live,” said her husband, Thomas Rosie, who according to the NJ news site also said that his wife, an employee of the state’s Labor Department, has been living on her own in Trenton, New Jersey, for about a year as she struggled to deal with personal issues.

A report on WWOR-TV in New Jersey noted that Christine has suffered from alcoholism, and according to her son, Nick, was recently placed on a new medication that he feels may have been behind her disappearance.

“She was hallucinating, seeing things, this new medicine was messing with her,” said the young man.

For several days, searchers combed the thickly wooded area off of the I-295 highway, where her abandoned Chevy Cobalt was found idling on September 2. But on Tuesday of this week, witnesses said that they spotted the woman briefly emerging from the woods, then retreating back under the cover of trees and underbrush.

Police have no idea whether Rosie wandered off to another location during her disappearance then returned to the site near where she abandoned her vehicle for reasons that are still mysterious, or whether she was in the same area the whole time, perhaps hiding from searchers for some reason.

In any case, they say that with record temperatures blazing across New Jersey over the past week, the fact that Christine Rosie was somehow able to stay alive is nothing short of incredible. Police have found no indication that she was able to seek shelter during the week the troubled mom was missing.

[Image: Trenton Police Department Facebook Page]