Palm Beach County Speeder Curses Deputy, Says, ‘No Wonder You People Get Shot’ [Watch]

palm beach county deputy

A Palm Beach County speeder cursed a deputy who stopped her for going 31 mph over the limit in a school zone. Joy Feinberg, 62, shouted “No wonder you people get shot” to the Florida deputy who pulled her over.

Joy Feinberg was allegedly driving 51 mph in the Palm Beach County school zone, according to a release by the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said one of his officers pulled over the speeder in Boynton Beach near the Hagan Road Elementary School on September 1, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The deputy gave Joy Feinberg a $606 speeding ticket for traveling at such a high rate of seed in the Florida school zone.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office posted both the one-minute dashcam recording of the “no wonder you people get shot” video to YouTube on Wednesday. The full 15-minute exchange between the deputy and Feinberg was shared via YouTube as well. Both videos have now gone viral.

During the full-length video, Feinberg is heard asking the deputy to let her off with just a warning, USA Today reports.

“I’m begging you,” Joy Feinberg said. “I promise I won’t do it again. I really wasn’t aware.”

She made the disparaging comment about police officer after realizing that begging for leniency had failed.

“You know what? No wonder you people get shot. You’re absolute a*****es,” Feinberg said.

The Florida deputy kept the exchange professional and respectful and responded to insult by answering, “OK, thank you, ma’am. I appreciate that.”

Palm Beach County Sheriff Bradshaw stated that his deputy was not being rude to the speeder driving far above the limit in the school zone.

“This isn’t a deputy that made an arrest. This isn’t a deputy that is in a fight with somebody. This isn’t a questionable circumstance. This is a deputy trying to make sure children are safe. There seems like there’s this trend of disrespect when here’s a deputy trying to save children’s lives,” Sheriff Bradshaw said. “And somebody has got to talk to us like that? I think it’s unacceptable. Keeping kids safe is a top priority.”

When informed that she would have to get a drivers’ license re-examination, Feinberg calls the Boynton Beach law enforcement officer a “double a**h**e.”

What do you think about the Palm Beach County speeder cursing the deputy?

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