Jessica Jones: Netflix Releases First Trailer For Marvel’s New Superhero Show [Video]

Jessica Jones: Netflix Releases Trailer For Jessica Jones Series

Superhero movies have been doing fantastic in theaters lately and even better when they are on the television. Earlier in the year, Netflix and Marvel teamed up to expand the ever growing television shows featuring our favorite superheros, introducing “Daredevil” to Netflix and letting fans binge watch it. Now, Netflix and Marvel are teaming up again to give fans another superhero show they can binge watch and then binge watch again.

Netflix and Marvel announced that they will be bring Jessica Jones alive and to a screen nearest you. The show will star Krysten Ritter as the title character and even though the show doesn’t debut until November 20, Netflix released a short trailer to help fill the void until then.

The trailer doesn’t give us an in depth look into the show, but it still slightly quenches our thirst until the next trailer comes out, because you know Netflix won’t leave us hanging with only one trailer until November 20. Jessica Jones is just the second installment of amazing superhero movies that Netflix agreed to do with Marvel. The other two that will soon be gracing our screens are Luke Cage and Iron Fist, according to The Washington Post. With these four Marvel shows out, it will pave the way for Netflix to start the series The Defenders, which unites the four main characters of each show and basically assembles a street version of the Avengers.

Jessica Jones will feature Mike Colter who stars in Luke Cage and will have a lot of screen time to pave way to his own show. One of the villains we will see throughout the show will be Kilgrave, played by David Tennant, and who knows maybe, Daredevil will swing by for a cameo or two. Carrie-Anne Moss and Rachael Taylor will also make appearances in Jessica Jones, but who they will be playing is still up in the air.

For those who don’t know the background of Jessica Jones, she was an orphan with superpowers. Her family was killed in a car accident that involved a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals. Jessica Jones went into a coma and awoke with super-strength and the ability to fly. Jessica witnessed a fight between Spiderman and Sandman and decided to use her powers for good and became a superhero named Jewel. Her superhero life did not pan out as Jessica had hoped and instead she settled into being a private detective in New York. The show will start with Jessica Jones as a detective and the difficulties she faces from her superhero past.

It looks like Netflix will have another superhero show success of their hands.

[Image by Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images]