Madonna Opens Up 'Rebel Heart Tour' To Fantastic Reviews

Daryl Deino

Madonna's success has never relied on critical acclaim. The singer says she never reads reviews, but reading reviews about her "Rebel Heart Tour's" opening night in Montreal just might make Madonna smile. The New York Daily News says Madonna, at last, seems happy.

"This time, she seemed to having a blast. It made for an infectious night that brought the Canadian crowd to a series of spontaneous, and escalating, standing ovations."

The review goes on to note that some of the most impressive moments included Madonna's strong vocal take on "La Vie En Rose" and the show opener, "Iconic." The reviewer liked how Madonna recreated her old songs. The Montreal Gazette was just as impressed.

"So she's still self-aware. And in a spare-no-expense theatrical spectacle that artfully flowed from showstopper to showstopper, she proved once again that she doesn't just crave the spotlight — she owns it."

The review did note the hypocrisy of the tour's introduction video speaking out against corporate brands, as Madonna has become a corporate brand herself. The reviewer singled out the performance of "Rebel Heart" as one of the best moments of the show that portrayed statements of identity and gratitude.

PopCrush said that after a string of setbacks (album leak, Brits fall, Drake kiss, etc.), Madonna is back in top form.

"The Rebel Heart Tour is Madonna's first outing since 2012′s MDNA Tour and, as with every Madonna production, the concert is a massive all-out explosion of song, dance and depravity with vague social commentary, proving for the umpteenth time that Madonna is, was and truly always will be the Queen."

The review said that the material was more familiar than innovative -- but that it's usually not a bad thing. Madonna did bring back some older hits such as "Material Girl," "Dress You Up," "Holiday," and "True Blue." PopCrush also noted that Madonna wore an even bigger cape than the one she wore at the Brit Awards last February. Madonna became the butt of jokes when she was pulled down from the stairs while performing "Living for Love."

Madonna will perform again tonight in Montreal before heading to Washington D.C. this weekend. She will then perform for two nights at Madison Square Garden in New York City and one night at Brooklyn's Barclay Center. What performance on Madonna's "Rebel Heart Tour" excites you the most? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]