Amy Thomson: Teen Speaks After MDMA Coma, Story Of Life-Altering Experience Goes Viral [Video]

Amy Thomson’s life-altering experience with MDMA, along with her revelation of the aftermath, has caught the attention of social media users around the world. According to Mirror Online, the 16-year-old attended a house party back in June, and that one night of fun has altered the course of her entire life. She reportedly fell gravely ill after taking only one crystal capsule of MDMA.

It has been reported that Thomson, along with three other teens, was rushed to a local hospital after taking the drug. Thomson’s hospitalization led to a month on life-support and irreversible brain damage that has resulted in slurred speech and wheelchair confinement. Now, she is residing in a rehabilitation center where her family visits occasionally.

Due to the changes she’s experienced, she recently opted to do a video warning others of the dangers of MDMA. Amy’s aunt also commented on the video and responded to those who are saddened by the account, reports Daily Record. “This video likely shocked some people, but it’s not sad. Yes, she’s in a wheelchair at the moment and her speech is impaired, but she will keep improving. I’ve no doubt she’ll lead a full and happy life. Since the video was originally uploaded, Thomson has received an overwhelming amount of support from social media users.”

Now, the brief compelling video has gone viral on several news sites and social media networks.

Although the capsule of MDMA likely played a significant role in Thomson’s debilitating injuries, Metro reports that the drug’s potency is often higher if mixed with other unknown substances that could be potentially fatal. However, no definitive details have been confirmed because the toxicology report has not yet been released.

But, regardless of how much MDMA contributed to her condition, Police Scotland’s national drug coordinator, Detective Michael Miller, warns that any amount can be dangerous. Since small amounts of MDMA can be more concentrated than amounts found in regular drugs, there is a higher possibility of coming in contact with more potent forms.

“Any drug can be dangerous and MDMA in crystalline form is likely to be far more concentrated. There incidents highlight the dangers of taking MDMA in both its crystalline and pill form. These drugs are potent and you are putting your health at risk if you take ecstasy. I cannot emphasise enough that consuming MDMA with alcohol or any other drug increases the risks significantly.”

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]