Joshua Albers Defends Tenley Molzahn, Says He’ll Remember ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Time With Her Forever

Tenley Molzahn has received quite a bit of criticism from some Bachelor in Paradise viewers for ending things with Joshua Albers. Yet one person who believes that all of the criticism is unfair and uncalled for is Joshua himself. On Monday night, after the season finale aired, Joshua posted several tweets that defended Tenley.

Joshua first admitted that watching the breakup scene was hard but then added that he’ll remember the time that he spent with her on the show forever.

After some viewers left critical comments about Tenley, Joshua said that there’s no need for such negativity. He pointed out that she did what was best for both of them.

He specifically told one person that her comment, which called Tenley fake and manipulative, was uncalled for.

The next day, when the hate towards Tenley continued, Joshua made one more plea for people to stop. He said that he has nothing but love for her.

Tenley Molzahn has also defended herself from people who bashed her for breaking things off with Joshua Albers. On her Facebook page, Tenley denied that she was with Joshua for any ulterior motive and maintained that she really did care for him. Some people have accused her of using Joshua for more air time.

“Sadly, things didn’t work out long term for Joshua & I. I see some angry comments, but please know that I truly did care for Joshua, he’s a great man, & I felt like a very special girl around him. Living an authentic life true to myself & to him I knew that it was only fair to end our relationship in paradise. Our relationship hadn’t moved as quickly as some of the others, but it was something we both gave the opportunity to explore while there in Paradise. I’m absolutely grateful for every second of it.”

Earlier in the season finale episode, Tenley admitted that she wasn’t sure if her relationship with Joshua could work outside of the show. Joshua admitted that he was scared too but said that he likes her so much that he doesn’t want their relationship to end. Despite her doubts, Tenley decided to “give it a chance” and spent the night with Joshua in a fantasy suite.

Later on, when it was time for the men to hand out their final roses on Bachelor in Paradise, Joshua offered his to Tenley. Unfortunately for him, she ultimately decided that she couldn’t move forward with the relationship. Through tears, Tenley told Joshua that having a long-distance relationship wouldn’t work.

“You’re an amazing man. I feel like — oh my god, my heart is beating so fast — you definitely restored hope for me to be able to have a great love and to find a man who is kind and caring and attentive and affectionate… I don’t think that’s [moving] fair for either of us.

So what happened between Tenley Molzahn and Joshua Albers in the fantasy suite the night prior? According to her, nothing sexual.

[Photo by Jesse Grant / Getty Images]