Patrick Dempsey’s First Role Post-‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Revealed, Fans React

Patrick Dempsey is set for his next role following Grey’s Anatomy. According to Deadline, Dempsey won’t make a huge departure from playing McDreamy. While it’s not known what his role will be, it’s said that he will be in the next Bridget Jones Diary and will star opposite Renee Zellweger.

Seeing as Colin Firth, Zellweger’s love interest in the series, is still on the cast list, it’s not yet known what Dempsey’s role might be. Maybe he will steal Mark Darcy’s love away? If anything, we can see Patrick swapping out one knight in shining armor for another.

It’s said that Dempsey has reached final negotiations for the film. The title for the film is called Bridget Jones’s Baby, so it looks like Bridget is expecting a baby. Perhaps Patrick will play a doctor again and deliver Bridget’s baby? Then again, he can also be the other potential father, and the film can take on a comedic “Who’s the father?” angle. Fans can just picture a frazzled Bridget hopping around, trying to find out who the baby’s father is and breaking the news to him.

Deadline has another great theory about Patrick Dempsey’s possible role. Dempsey “could play a love rival in a similar vein to Hugh Grant’s dashing Daniel Cleaver. Grant is not returning for this, though director Sharon Maguire — who helmed the original Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001 — will be at the helm again.”

Since this is the first role that Patrick Dempsey has had since departing Grey’s Anatomy after 11 years, fans are ready to voice their opinions on Dempsey’s first new acting choice.

Omg is patrick dempsey really going to be in the next Bridget Jones film?!??

— hot donna (@mamazingalex) September 9, 2015

What do you think about Patrick Dempsey’s new role?

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