‘Castle’ Season Premiere Spoilers: Beckett Is Missing

As usual, we can express some twists and turns for the season premiere of Castle. Though Castle and Beckett are now happily married, fans shouldn’t expect that life will be smooth and easy.

As reported in the Inquisitr, Beckett has now taken over as police captain of her precinct, while Castle has moved into working as Richard Castle Investigations full time. Aside from the former captain, all of the regular cast will be back, plus two new detectives to work alongside Ryan and Esposito.


The Season 8 opener is called “XY,” according to Christian Today, and it will find Beckett missing and Castle stopping at nothing to find her. The tables have been turned since last season when Castle went missing, and Beckett searched non stop to find him.

Beckett’s move to captain will not sit very well with Ryan and Esposito, who now have Beckett as their boss, according to Terence Winter, show creator.

“After seeing Beckett ascend the ranks, they’re realizing maybe it’s time for them to start looking upwards in their own careers. In doing so, they start to butt heads a bit, but in a fun way, because the dynamic between those two has always been ‘two brothers,” said Winter.


According to the International Business Times, the premiere two part episode “XY” takes turns, as each hour is told from a different perspective. The first will be Castle’s perspective, and the second, Beckett’s.

Design & Trend has run down the synopsis provided by ABC, which begins with a phone call to Castle which starts off a chain of events.

“A call from a mysterious stranger ignites an explosive chain of events; the story is first told from Castle’s perspective as he searches for Beckett,” the synopsis read.

Next is daughter Alexis joining Castle’s detective firm.

“But she is not the only new colleague for the mystery novelist as the father-daughter duo will be joined by a new security specialist, Hayley Vargas, played by series regular Toks Olagundoye.”


According to TVLine, the show’s creators are interested in shaking things up on Castle in every possible way. They believe that the best way to tell stories on Castle was to have Castle investigating cases with twists and turns in his own agency.

Will you be watching the Season 8 premiere of Castle?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]