Dee Snider Calls Kiss ‘The King Of Buffoons’ As His Personal War With Paul Stanley Turns Vicious

In a vicious war of words not often seen this side of the kindergarten fence, Dee Snider sneered that Kiss are “The King of Buffoons’ and challenged Paul Stanley to get in the ring for a heavy metal sing-off. The Twisted Sister singer proclaimed, “I will bury you son.”

Snider’s venomous attack on the happy-go-lucky Kiss vocalist comes after Stanley branded the Twisted Sister frontman an “attention seeking wannabe.”

In a vicious cycle of tit for tat, Stanley only called Snider such terrible names after Dee had a pop at Kiss on the Eddie Trunk Podcast. Snider lamented how “insulting” it was that the band’s current line-up includes replica versions of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, complete with the well known Catman and Space Ace makeup, garish outfits, and the shameless imitation of their predecessors’ stage moves.

“I don’t see how people could accept this. Tommy Thayer? I’m sorry. It’s insulting. Not only did he play with a tribute band of Kiss, he’s imitating Ace in his entire act!

“It’s disgraceful. When Kiss replaced Ace and Peter, and they brought in guys [Carr and Vinnie Vincent] who had their own makeup and their own thing, that was acceptable. That was awesome. They were their own characters.”

Naturally, Paul Stanley, who is looking more and more like Kim Kardashian with every sunset, took umbrage at Snider pointing out that Kiss had become little more than a tribute act to their glory years.

The wounded rock warrior appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast ready to rumble like a prizefighting poodle and defend his bandmate’s right to dress up and pretend to be other people.

“Let me put it in the simplest terms. In this case, this guy is a wannabe, has always been a wannabe and desperately wants attention and to be taken seriously and that will never happen because he’s obviously clueless to the fact that he and his whole band are a bunch of buffoons.”

Thankfully for fans who enjoy a good b*tch fight, this vicious stand-off between the two grizzled rockers was not about to end there. Snider once again picked up his handbag and rode forth to do battle with his long-haired and make-up wearing opponent in the fierce gladiatorial arena of social media.

Writing on Facebook, the sister who was twisted, pointed out that the Kiss brunette was obviously threatened by blondes such as Snider and demanded that the two high-heeled wearing metal heads get in the ring and just rock it out until one falls vanquished, and the other is crowned victor..

“First off, thanks for giving me the attention I—as you noted– so desperately wanted.”

“Now, I’ve always had nothing but respect for your band, and you as a performer, but it really comes as no surprise that the feeling isn’t mutual. For some reason you are oddly threatened by me. This said, your recent comments about my band and I on Chris Jericho’s podcast was a typical diversionary tactic used in an attempt to change the subject, rather than answer the actual accusation or question. It’s the oldest interviewing trick in the book.”

“As far as my “whole band being a bunch of buffoons” goes, that’s a pretty ironic statement coming from you. The argument could easily be made that Kiss is the “king of the buffoons”, so in an odd way you’ve paid Twisted Sister quite a compliment. It takes one to know one.”

“Lastly, on the subject of me being a “wannabe”? Do you really think so? Well then…any time, any stage. But let’s do this old school –no costumes, no pyro, no bullshit – let’s just get up there and rock. I will bury you, son.”

“Sincerely, the attention getting, wannabe, lead buffoon of Twisted Sister”

It remains to be seen if Stanley will pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Snider or if fellow Kiss brother-in- arms Gene Simmons will come to his rescue and join in the fun.

(Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Angela Weiss/Getty Images)