Super Bowl Odds 2016: Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers Picked As Favorites

Ryan DeVault

Super Bowl odds for 2016 are out, and there are some familiar teams at the top. In the 2016 Super Bowl odds, the team picked to most likely win it all is the Seattle Seahawks. A report from CBS Sports lists the Seahawks at 9-2 odds to win a second NFL championship in just three seasons. It's basically also a prediction that the Seahawks will win the NFC for a third consecutive year, showing that the loss of Kam Chancellor isn't even taking a big hit on the team from the Pacific Northwest.

In Week 1 of the 2015 NFL schedule, the Seahawks play the St. Louis Rams and the Packers play the Chicago Bears. Both top NFC teams are on the road, but it is the Week 2 game that is worth noting. The Packers will host the Seahawks on Sunday night football (September 20), making it a possible ratings bonanza for NBC. Seeing Aaron Rodger go up against the best NFL defense of the decade in Week 2 is going to provide fodder for analysts to debate all week long.

As for the 2016 Super Bowl odds in regard to AFC teams, the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts are each listed at 8-1 to win the title. Tom Brady got his suspension overturned and is available in Week 1, and Andrew Luck is ready to get his team right back into the AFC Championship. Vegas didn't exactly take a leap when picking the four teams from last year's championship games to make it right back there this season.

The rest of the top 10 teams, according to Vegas, are the Philadelphia Eagles (8-1), Denver Broncos (9-1), Dallas Cowboys (14-1), Baltimore Ravens (16-1), Pittsburgh Steelers (20-1), and Miami Dolphins (20-1). The teams getting the worst odds to make it to the Super Bowl are the Tennessee Titans at 200-1 and the Jacksonville Jaguars at 300-1. Those are long odds for teams that have a lot of young talent heading into the 2015 NFL season.

A few other notable teams in the early Vegas odds are the Arizona Cardinals at 12-1, the Houston Texans at 40-1, the Buffalo Bills at 40-1, and the San Francisco 49ers at 100-1. That is a long way for the 49ers to fall in just 12-15 months of time. Taking what Vegas has predicted as the most likely match-up with these 2016 Super Bowl odds, it could be the Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots once again. That might frustrate fans who are not rooting for one of those two teams, but Seattle would certainly like a second chance against New England.

[Image Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]