Sickles High School Yearbook Photo: 16yo Admits "I Wasn't Wearing Panties"

Duncan Riley

A Sickles High School Yearbook Photo is making news today after a 16 year old student says she didn't wear panties to school the day the photos were taken because she didn't want panty lines showing up in her yearbook photos. However, the end result of going commando has meant an eyeful for thousands who have copies of the Sickles High School yearbook.

After the Sickles High School yearbooks were handed out on Monday, students began noticing that the pottery club photo showed a side of one teenage girl they'd never seen before.

Here's a copy of the Sickles High School yearbook photo everyone is talking about. We've covered the goods in the photo because the girl is a minor.

sickles high school yearbook photo

The school admin is downplaying the photos, saying that all that appears in the Sickles High School yearbook photo is a shadow, but the exposed student says that it's no shadow, it's the real thing.

10 Connects caught up with the 16-year-old in the photo - and her mother Jeanette. The young girl admits she didn't wear underwear that day but says it was because she didn't want her panty lines to show. She says she did not show herself like that on purpose, "Absolutely not. It is ridiculously embarrassing."

Monday, the Sickles High School yearbook was handed out to hundreds of students and on Wednesday more than 2500 were distributed.

The teen girl's mother is requesting that the school stop distributing the Sickles High School yearbook, redcall any copies that have been distributed and reprint the yearbook with the offending photos removed.

The girl has not been to school since Monday and her mother says she's not going to force her to return out of embarrassment for the revealing Sickles High School Yearbook Photo.

[Photo: A11news Source: WTSP]