Kate Gosselin Says She and Jon Have Made ‘Peace,’ Are Friendly Now

Say what you will about Kate Gosselin (and by all accounts, the mom of eight was definitely a bit snippy during her marriage to former husband Jon) she probably had a really, really really hard time forgiving Jon for walking away from her and their massive brood.

Whether or not their subsequent toxic feelings toward one another had anything to do with the decline of the reality show careers of first Jon Gosselin and then Kate Gosselin is not readily apparent- it could have just been that viewers were bored already with the antics of the eight-kid family when there were the Duggars and Nadya Suleman and by that point, eight kids just seemed quaint.

But in the years following their acrimonious split, the couple took a lot of public shots at one another, descending rapidly from “wholesome reality show family” to TMZ fodder, the kind with swearing and infidelity and lots of trash talk. But that was three years ago, and Kate Gosselin says she and Jon are totally getting along now, so can she and the fam come back on TV, please?

Okay, she didn’t come out and say the ‘last’ part, but she did tell Ann Curry on TODAY:

“I can honestly say it’s more peaceful than it’s ever been. I feel that a very big weight has been lifted off my shoulders… [Jon has been] really been positive and more available and it’s just less stressful.”

The former Mrs. Gosselin continues:

“I feel that he’s been working with me more, and the kids notice it. And that’s good. Because I’ve always just wanted that peace for them and we’re finally to a point where it’s happening… I can take that emotional energy that was wasted in that areas and put it back towards the kids.”

Gosselin also said that the kids missed working, and that the family hoped to do more TV projects soon.