Where Is Danielle Webster? Threatening Texts Haunt Missing Woman's Loved Ones

Chelsea Hoffman

Authorities in Mississippi are looking for Danielle Webster. The 27-year-old Copiah County woman reportedly vanished from her home last Friday, but a series of disturbing texts surround this case in a way that has her loved ones believing something horrible has happened to her. WDAM News reports that authorities are looking for her ex-boyfriend, who may have information about her whereabouts.

When Danielle disappeared last Friday morning, she reportedly left behind three young children. This detail alone has her loved ones fearing a tragedy, but that's not the worst of it. At least one of her close friends has received text messages from her former boyfriend that seem a lot like threats. Michael Herring reportedly texted Christy Thedford with an ominous quote.

"You know, my Grandpa told me if you love something, set it free, and if it don't come back hunt it down and kill."
"I was at the house and she was gone when I went to work. I got a call to come home and she was missing and all her clothes, purse and cigarettes were still there."

— Locatethemissing.com (@MissingCases) September 9, 2015

— Marsha Thompson (@WLBTMarsha) September 9, 2015

Photo: Copiah County Sheriff's Dept.