iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6s: Ten Things The iPhone 6s Does Better Than The iPhone 6

After ages of speculation, rumors, and umpteen news articles, we now have a clear idea of what the new Apple iPhone models look like. At the Apple event held yesterday at San Francisco, the company announced two new iPhone models — the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. We have already detailed what’s new with both these devices in an earlier article. They also announced a giant iPad model, the new iPad Pro, and an updated Apple TV at the event. Now though, it’s time to take a look at the upgraded 4.7-inch variant of the iPhone — the iPhone 6s. While the 6s looks identical to the iPhone 6, Apple claims that they have made lots of changes in the new device. In fact, they claim that “the only thing that changed is everything.” Is this true?

Folks over at iPhonehacks have put up a comparison sheet for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s which clearly shows the differences between the two.

While the comparison chart below might clarify what the differences are, it would perhaps be easier to let you know the upgrades that the iPhone 6s receives over the iPhone 6. Here are ten things that the iPhone 6s does better than the iPhone 6.

1. Faster A9 Processor with M9 Co-processor — Apple claims 70 percent faster CPU performance and a staggering 90 percent faster gaming performance.

2. While not confirmed yet, there is likely to be 2GB of RAM on the iPhone 6s as opposed to just 1GB on the iPhone 6.

3. 3D Touch or Force Touch for iPhone. The screen on the iPhone 6s is pressure sensitive. Allows new gestures and pressure-sensitive menu options.

4. Upgraded 12 MP camera with 4k (30 fps) video recording capabilities. The old iPhone could only do up to full HD.

5. Slow motion videos in full HD supported on the iPhone 6s

6. Live Photos supported

7. The front camera is now 5 megapixel and also gets a flash for low light selfies. The flash is called Retina flash.

8. iPhone 6s supports LTE Advanced. This should theoretically give twice the LTE speed that the iPhone 6 is capable of. The 6s also supports more LTE bands than the iPhone 6.

9. The iPhone 6s (7.1 mm) is thicker than the iPhone 6. (6.9 mm). It is also heavier (143 gms compared to 129 gms)

10. Bluetooth version has been changed from 4.0 to 4.2

Here is the full comparison chart from iPhonehacks:


As you can see, there are indeed several changes in the new iPhone 6s. However, we would still stop short of calling these changes very radical and term it an incremental update. Also, since this was an “S” upgrade on the iPhone upgrade cycle, most of us weren’t expecting any radical changes to the iPhone anyway.

So, should you be getting yourselves the new iPhone 6s?

Well, if you think you need the upgraded camera, the UI changes that 3D touch and pressure-sensitive display bring to the table, and not to mention the inherent performance gains that the upgrade has brought, we do not see any reason to stick to your old iPhone 6. However, if these things do not matter to you, we bet you’d remain pretty content with your existing iPhone 6 and take a monumental upgrade when the iPhone 7 arrives sometime next year.

[Image Via Apple, iPhonehacks]