Casey Anthony Flushed Out Of Hiding By Civil Lawsuit Subpoena

Casey Anthony went into hiding 10 months ago and on Monday she was finally flushed out by a civil defamation lawsuit filed by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez.

Gonzalez filed the lawsuit against Casey Anthony after her name was used to portray a fictitious nanny who Casey Anthony originally claimed kidnapped and killed daughter Caylee Anthony.

Lawyers for Gonzalez had their team track down Anthony and then wait outside her residence for several days before her lawyers agreed to accept the subpoena.

According to Gonzalez’s lawyer Matt Morgan in an interview with PEOPLE’s Steve Helling:

“Our investigation team had her whereabouts pinned down. Their backs were against the wall, so her attorneys said that they would accept service on her behalf.”

While Casey Anthony never actually claimed the Zenaida Gonzalez in question was the kidnapper the plaintiff argues that her unique name made her a target of Caylee supporters until she was cleared of any wrongdoing.

While Casey Anthony had sheltered herself in hiding a judge presiding over the current case finally ordered her attorneys to disclose her whereabouts.

Anthony had planned to leave the United States when her probation ran out in September but she will not instead return to Orlando to face the defamation lawsuit and more questions about the death of her daughter.

While Casey Anthony used the fifth amendment to refuse to answer questions in her criminal case she will now be required to appear at trial on January 2. As Gonzale’z lawyer states:

“Ms. Gonzalez is happy to hear that Casey Anthony finally will be held accountable just like everybody else.”

[via PEOPLE]