Microsoft Offering Minecraft XBLA Refunds to SDTV Owners

When Minecraft launched on the Xbox 360 earlier this month, gamers who have yet to upgrade to a HDTV were left disappointed when they discovered that the game’s local split-screen multiplayer required an HDTV to function, a fact many weren’t aware of.

There was a note at the bottom of the game’s subscription that an HDTV was required, but it was an easy thing to miss–and considering that just about everything works regardless of what TV you use, I imagine that many didn’t feel the need to look at the description.

Fortunately, Microsoft is looking to make things right. The company announced today that it will be offering refunds to those who purchased Minecraft and were unaware of the HDTV requirement. To do so, all you need to do is contact Microsoft by way of customer support.

To make the situation more clear, Microsoft also updated a notification to make it more clear to potential buyers that an HDTV is required for split-screen multiplayer.

“We updated our pre-sale notification to inform customers that an HD screen is required for the split-screen multiplayer feature on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition,” Microsoft said in a statement (via Joystiq). “If a player does not have an HD screen and purchased this game prior to the notification update, they are eligible for a full refund through customer support.”