Apple's iPad Pro Gets Mixed Reactions: Is The Surface Pro Better?

Daryl Deino

Apple finally unveiled the iPad Pro today in San Francisco. Yahoo Tech reveals the news.

"Apple's newest iPad has officially landed, and boy is it HUGE. Unveiled at Apple's iPhone event on Wednesday, the iPad Pro is a 12.9-inch behemoth of an iPad geared primarily toward business professionals."

"For now, the iPad Pro's hardware specs are arguably a tad superior to the Surface Pro 3's. But while Apple may claim to have 'reinvented' the idea of a productivity tablet with the iPad Pro, Surface owners know where Apple found its biggest ideas."
"While one may seem better than the other on paper, at least at this point, it's too early to tell which one will ultimately be the best choice. Neither the Surface Pro 4 nor the iPad Pro are official just yet."

Apple could lose out with the iPad Pro, especially since it runs iOS instead of OS X. However, perhaps Apple realizes what they are doing. If the iPad Pro becomes a huge success, it wouldn't be the first time the Cupertino company has proven tech analysts and critics wrong.

[Photo by Stephen Lam / Stringer for Getty Images]