Judge Joe Brown Calls Jail A 'Slave Warehouse', Discusses Sex Abuse Booklets

Judge Joe Brown opened up about his recent jail stay -- calling the institution a "slave warehouse."

During a recent interview with Radar Online, the former reality court show star did not seem to hold back from sharing his honest opinions and observations of the jail's conditions.

In one of his earliest comments during the interview, Brown shared the general point of common knowledge that "you're no longer free to do what you want to do" and "you lose your freedom and liberty" in jail. However, his comments after that point went a little deeper in detail about his experience -- discussing the filthy environment in which he lived while serving his sentence.
"What can be said? It's nasty. We can talk about keeping the lights on all night long so the roaches don't run all over the bedding... The place is filthy. You have dirt caked in from almost 100 years in the corner. There's no air conditioning in some parts, so it's 86, 87 degrees in there, 90 and in others it's 61 because that's a hot spot for the air conditioning."
Judge Joe Brown further discussed the condition of the inmates inside of the jail -- calling the institution a "slave warehouse" with immature prisoners.
"It's bad. The jail is effectively a slave warehouse. The people in there don't have liberty. They have no personal freedom. They are controlled... What I'm listening to when I'm in there is these so-called adult offenders are acting like 8 and 9-year-old kids in their life knowledge.... Their immaturity is shocking."
Joe was not reportedly worried about sexual abuse, due to the inmates' initial reaction to him and the distribution of a booklet which focused on avoiding that type of abuse while behind bars.
"The first question they ask you on a form when you go in there is, 'What is your social orientation?' What? And then you find out, 'Are you straight? Are you straight sometimes? Do you swing both ways? Or, what is your proclivity?' And they got a whole page on that in a booklet they pass out about avoiding sexual abuse. So, no -- I wasn't worried about that. Most of the inmates, when I saw them, 'Judge Brown, Judge Brown! My mama loves you.' "
Joe Brown mentioned later in his interview that he had in-depth conversations for hours with inmates and staff members throughout his jail stay.He also explained how some of the inmates would trigger the fire alarms by smoking when they were not supposed to do so and would spend time at 2 a.m. "yelling from one cell block to another about nothing."

When it came to protecting himself while behind bars, the 68-year-old former criminal court judge stated that he wasn't worried about it, thanks to his longtime friend training him in martial arts for nearly 50 years in addition to having his own cell.

Judge Joe Brown was sent to jail after a courtroom outburst during a child support case in Shelby County, Tennessee.

According to Inside Edition, the punishment for his outburst initially was 24 hours in the Shelby County Jail for contempt. However, since his outburst continued, Joe Brown was sentenced to serve a five-day sentence behind bars.

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