Autopsy Showed Teen Died Of Multiple Gunshot Wounds And Appeared To Have Been In Drain For Weeks

The body of a missing teen from Detroit has finally been found after months of no trace of his whereabouts. His body was discovered dumped in a city sewer after allegedly being shot to death.

During a regular maintenance on the city's sewer, a water department crew stumbled on the decomposed body about a week ago.

According to Police reports, the dead body appeared to have been in the water-filled drain for weeks.

The Wayne County medical examiner's office positively identified the decomposed body as that of 19-year-old O'Sean Lockett, who was allegedly reported missing by his mother back on July 8.

The medical examiner's autopsy report recorded that the teenager died of multiple gun shots. There were also several signs of head injury.

The deceased, identified by the name Lockett, was last seen alive July 6 with his mother, Brenda Burton, who dropped him off near a gas station after work.

The deceased mother and relatives have since been looking for him and had no idea where he was or what happened to him until news came that the water crew found a dead body in a sewer in a nearby neighborhood, Chalfonte. Brenda, the deceased's mother, together with some close friends and relatives, rushed to the scene.

According to The Detroit News, Lockett's O'sean's brother, Trevon Nicholas, said he could immediately recognized the body, despite the fact that it was completely decomposed beyond recognition. He also recognized his brother by his designer grey T-shirt as well as his favorite Converse sneakers.

According to Mlive, the county listed his date of death to be September 5, 2015

Brenda Burton, O'Sean's mother, had spent the last two months scouring vacant homes and plastering the neighborhood with missing posters in search of her son. She also had posters pasted all over the neighborhood with his photograph on them.

Brenda's well wishers and relatives were all over the manhole after learning that the body was found by the crew workers was one of their very own. There were very relieved to at least find out what really happened to their son after spending the last couple of months searching the entire neighborhood and friends and relatives homes to find their missing boy. Police had to use rope in order remove the Lockett's remains out of the sewer.

It has been reported that the teenager's death has been ruled as a homicide, but investigators are yet to determine the motive.

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