'Destiny' 2.0 Brings Crucible Preview Event, Positive Changes To PVP

Scott Grill

Crucible PVP players have much to look forward to with the Destiny 2.0 update for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In addition to the many weapon changes that re-balances the entire lineup of guns, Bungie detailed new map rotations are being added, the Mercy rule is now in effect, some gametypes are tweaked, and the Crucible Preview Event is here.

The Bungie patch notes for Destiny 2.0 are too massive to cover in a single article. For details on the other changes, please see the Character and Class changes, Weapon changes, Strike changes, or click through to Bungie's website for the entire patch notes.

— Bungie (@Bungie) September 8, 2015

On happy notes, the Legendary loot drop rates have been increased while the Mercy rule is also now in effect, which has previously been covered by Inquisitr. Xbox players will also finally get the The Time Keeper and Exodus Blue maps that were previously PlayStation exclusives. Meanwhile, all players will receive the Widow's Court, Black Shield, and Thieves' Den maps that were only available to those that purchased House of Wolves.

Destiny Vertigo (PlayStation, Xbox)

The Salvage game mode has been moved to the core Destiny playlist and its score limit reduced to 7500. Bungie saw the time limit being hit in this mode too frequently so they felt this was the best correction.

There's honestly not much in the way of potential negatives with the Crucible changes in the Destiny 2.0 update. The closest fans can see is the addition of the Bastion, First Light, and Skyshock maps to the Control playlist. These were vehicle-based Combined Arms maps before, so their size in pure Control is a concern.

You can check out the complete list of Crucible changes in the Destiny 2.0 update below. Which ones do you like or dislike? Sound off in the comments.

Widow's Court