Chris Brown Says Gays Didn’t Chase Him Away

Chris Brown is playing the victim card today in an argument surrounding one of the most recent civil rights movements in the United States: the gay pride movement. A big question surrounding the pop scene today is, is Chris Brown homophobic, or is he telling the truth?

It all started in Atlanta where Chris Brown was scheduled to perform in front of 4,000 members of the city’s gay community, according to TMZ. However, Brown reportedly never showed up. After the no show, many in the community are starting to wonder if gay pride chased Chris away. However, Brown’s team has an entirely different story to tell.

Chris Brown’s representative said that he was in Atlanta that night, but he wasn’t scheduled to perform for the gay pride event. As a matter of fact, Brown was supposedly in Atlanta that night for his One Hell of a Night tour. Brown and his team claim that there was never payment accepted for a performance at the gay pride event and that gays didn’t chase Brown away.

The promoter of the event, however, disagrees with what Chris Brown and his representatives are saying. She is holding her ground, claiming across several different media outlets that she paid Brown for a performance.

One of the outlets Melissa Scott, the promoter for the event, reached out to was Georgia Voice. According to Georgia Voice, Scott was “baffled” when Chris Brown didn’t show up. As a matter of fact, she is so adamant that she paid Chris for a performance that she is considering taking legal action against Brown in an attempt to recover the money she paid him.

Chris Brown, on the other hand, is also adamant that he was not aware of the show at all. Shortly after the story made it to major media, Brown released the following tweet:

Later, Brown tweeted the following:

From reading the tweets, it’s hard to imagine that Brown knew anything about the concert. The reality is that in the past, Chris Brown has mentioned that he is supportive of any sexual orientation. Many fans believe Brown is a relatively respectful artist that doesn’t discriminate. Nonetheless, the feud rages on.

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