Robert Pattinson Not Avoiding Kristen Stewart, Skips Venice Film Festival For ‘Lost City Of Z’

Robert Pattinson may be happily engaged to British singer FKA Twigs, but that doesn’t mean the actor is trying to avoid ex-girlfriend and Twilight costar, Kristen Stewart.

According to new rumors, Pattinson reportedly skipped the Venice Film Festival in an attempt to avoid his ex-girlfriend.

One report suggests that Pattinson “never planned on coming” to the festival in the first place because he knew Stewart would be in attendance for the premiere of her own movie, Equals.

An alleged spy explains to the tabloid, “[Robert Pattinson] didn’t want the story to be all about how he and Kristen were nearly bumping into each other. Venice is very small…and there are only so many parties and hotels.”

Despite the rumors, Gossip Cop reports that according to their real source close to Pattinson, Rob was initially confirmed to attend the premiere of The Childhood Of A Leader, but had to back out due to prior commitments for his upcoming film, The Lost City of Z, which is filming in Belfast.

Similarly, the site notes that Pattinson also skipped out on the Deauville American Festival for the premiere of Life, explaining that the actor is tethered to a production schedule for The Lost City Of Z and his absence from the festival’s events have nothing do with his former romance with Stewart.

The site also explains that both Pattinson and Stewart attended last year’s Hollywood Film Awards with no problems, further dispelling rumors that suggest he’s attempting to avoid Kristen Stewart.

A source close to Pattinson explains that the latest round of rumors is just another attempt “to create drama when there is none” between the former couple, explaining that both Rob and Kristen have moved on from their past relationship.

The news comes on the heels of rumors that suggest Pattinson and fiancée FKA Twigs are heading for a split.

Sources close to the duo allege that Twigs and Pattinson’s wedding is “off the agenda” because they continue to “drift apart” due to conflicting tour and film schedules.

Despite the claims, E! News reports that according to their Pattinson and Twigs sources, the couple is doing “just fine” despite the split rumors.

“They haven’t drifted apart [despite claims], but they haven’t spoken as much lately because of his filming schedule,” the source explains. “He is in Belfast and she is currently in the United States.”

In regards to the duo’s decision to push back their wedding, the source continues, “There most likely won’t be a wedding this year, but that has been the expectation for months.”

“There isn’t a rush to get married. Fall plans turned into winter plans and now there are no specific plans, but they still plan on getting married,” the source concludes.

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[Image Credit: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain / Dimitrios Kambouris]