Pterodactyl Spotted Flying Over Boise, Idaho, Authenticity Of Video Being Scrutinized [Video]

Residents of Boise, Idaho, are baffled at the sight of a strange bird flying over their neighborhoods, capturing the attention of many. The creature looks to be a pterosaur, or pterodactyl as many know it by, despite being extinct. A video of the pterodactyl was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral.

The bird’s wingspan is massive, according to the Daily Mail, and the distinctive crest on the back of its skull is evident in the video. The flapping wings seem fluid, not mechanical, and at one point, the pterosaur dips its head and looks back before retaking its formation of flight.

After a few seconds, the pterodactyl disappears behind some trees and the video ends after the individual that recorded the bird zooms in and replays the video. The clawed fingers upon the wings can be seen in the zoomed portion, providing more detail to the pterosaur.

The video is a bit blurry, leaving out some integral details, such as skin color and composition, which may better reveal if the pterodactyl is fake or real, or some other animal altogether. The video has left many wondering of the Pterodactyl species is alive and well, hidden in some remote area like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.