‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home September 10 From ‘BB17’ House

Big Brother 17 spoilers now indicate the final Week 11 target. These Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal that the three houseguests that can vote this week are going to evict Liz Nolan on September 10. A report from fan site Big Brother Network states that Vanessa Rousso and John McGuire will be voting against Liz Nolan, with Austin Matelson voting against Julia Nolan. While the plan could shift before the September 10 episode on CBS, it seems pretty clear that Liz is about to become the sixth member of the BB17 jury.

The reason that John wants Liz gone is that she has been doing very well in competitions this season. She has already won the Head of Household competition three times, allowing her to wield a lot of power. Vanessa wants her out because she is in a showmance with Austin Matelson. By removing Liz from the equation, it not only makes Austin’s “game” weaker, but it also eliminates a powerful duo in the house. It might just allow Vanessa to work with Austin again.

For fans watching along on the live feeds, these latest Big Brother 17 spoilers won’t come as a huge surprise. This is the best game move for John McGuire and Vanessa Rousso as they don’t have any real support from the alliance that Liz Nolan is a part of this season. It also helps current HOH Steve Moses quite a bit because he gets a stronger foothold as the BB17 house heads to its final five players. He may become a huge target for Austin and Julia in Week 12, but this move increases his odds of winning the $500,000 prize.

When it gets closer to the eviction taking place, Austin may start getting a bit upset about what is going to happen at the eviction ceremony. That could lead to a lot of negative feelings about Steve when the Week 12 HOH competition takes place. The four people who can compete in it already know the stakes, especially with the week only having two voters to decide who becomes the seventh member of the BB17 jury. It could be a very tense week coming up.

The season is really starting to wind down, with just over two weeks remaining until the season finale. A twist in the house could certainly provide for interesting Big Brother 17 spoilers, but fans may need to wait until after the Thursday night eviction to learn anything new.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]