Dan Bilzerian: Gun Collection Targeted In Attempted Burglary

Dan Bilzerian, the star of Instagram whose profile contains hundreds of pictures showcasing his riches, women, and of course, his massive gun collection, was the victim of a burglary attempt on Friday night. According to TMZ, Bilzerian was not home when the break-in took place. He was apparently in New York City at the Electric Zoo Music Festival, where we can only assume he was getting into his usual bad boy shenanigans.

Police say an unknown number of burglars broke a window at his Hollywood Hills home in order to gain entry. For whatever reason, the robbers did not steal anything, and only seemed to be interested in gaining entry to his gun room. Thankfully, for the safety of the general public, the gun room was secure, and the robbers could not open it.

For a man that posts so many details about his personal life on Instagram for the public to see, it is surprising Bilzerian is not targeted more often. Maybe he will be more careful when announcing to the world that he will not be home for weeks at a time. Here are a few recent posts on his Instagram that show just how much money Dan Bilzerian has. You can even see one of his toys in the last post.

This post from a few months ago appears to be a gun store at first glance. In reality, it is actually Bilzerian’s gun room, or his office, as he references it in the caption.

Never one to be modest, Dan shows his soft and generous side. He not only posts a picture of his adorable cat, but we get to see some of his money. He even holds a contest for four “fans” to help him drink $500,000 worth of booze.

While the majority of people own a motorcycle, or maybe a boat for entertainment, Dan Bilzerian owns, or at least has access to, a tank. The next time he goes on an extended trip, let’s hope Bilzerian does not leave the keys to this out in the open.

According to Complex, the 34-year-old earns some of his money by playing poker. He even apparently turned $750 into $187,000 in one trip to Vegas. While Bilzerian may be a talented player, he did not exactly start off life with money problems. He inherited a large sum of money from his father, who eventually went to prison for fraud.

Bilzerian plans on increasing security to his house, and hopefully the gun room, in the very near future. He currently has no comment regarding the attempted burglary.

[Image via Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]